I'm over here!

I've been working on a new blog for a little while now and am happy to announce that I'm ready to invite you over. Come check it out! And if you like, you can follow me at the very bottom of the new blog, or on bloglovin', a new site that I think is pretty great.




Here are some photos of our vacation in lovely Kaua'i with Christian's parents. It was so pretty and so warm and we soaked up every second of sun and ocean. With the weather we've had in the city lately I'm definitely wishing we could be back there right now!


we are loving this city

photo by nicki // chinatown


Here's the problem with living in New York City. I want everything! Seriously. It's bad. Every day I walk down the street and there's a girl with the most adorable jacket. And look at those flats! And a neon purse . . . okay. a little crazy. But . . . it looks really cute with that shirt. And then I'm on the subway and the girl next to me has a Rifle Paper Co. notebook and the girl across from me has the most beautiful leather bag and then I get off the subway and there's a Paper Source right on the corner.

But we are so poor. But . . . there's a Muji store right there and a Madewell at the end of the block.

City, why are you so wonderful?

That's all. Just thought you should know about my internal struggles.


Yesterday we sat on the mattress in our sunny wood-floored studio apartment and remembered that exactly nine months before was the day we were married. Nine months. And I still have yet to post more than two pictures.

So here are a few more. From the temple. Where the wind was absolutely wild. And I loved it.


on a motor scooter

Our friends Benson and Celia are used to Christian and his crazy ideas, so when he said let's borrow scooters and have a Harley Davidson adventure, they said sweet, we're in.
At the Harley Davidson store, we parked next to enormous, outrageously shiny motorcycles and ate sliders named "handsome rob" and "the mik." Then we strapped on our helmets and rode along the lake while the light turned golden. And it was beautiful and exhilarating and such a good way to say goodbye to the lake where we first kissed, and where Christian put a sparkling ring on my finger. Celia and Bens are the best. And may or may not be moving to New York, too! We really hope they do.