Guess WHAT!!

I got an internship with Church Magazines for the fall! I'll be the intern for the New Era and it's a full-time paid position. So much happiness :). I can't wait to move up to Salt Lake in the fall and pretend to have a real job at the church office buildings. It will be another lovely experience I'm sure, because my friend A., who interned with me at Deseret Book, later interned with the Friend and loved it. The other big news in my life concerns my summer job teaching at the Institute of Reading Development. It's a pretty legit job apparently (that also pays really well) and they're flying me out to California for the orientation, and then again for training. The only drawback would be that orientation is in the middle of finals. But luckily I don't have any finals on that day or the day after so. . . I'll just be studying on the plane, I guess! Anyways, can you believe I'm almost a real grown up person? Haha yeah right I am so far from being a grown up person it's ridiculous. But I am doing real things with my life that I'm pretty excited about.


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. that is amazing. Congrats girl! Glad you're FINALLY growing up. haha. just kidding. LOVE YOU. That's going to be so fun!

  2. AMAZING!! So happy for you! that is so awesome. We are such adults!! I love you!

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I still cannot stop being excited for you.

    PS Stephanie and Phil both got internships with Church Magazines, too. (Stephanie in summer, Phil in fall.)

    And PPS I am too much in love with that picture of the little girl. And I so know how she feels.

  4. Okay, I know I've already huzzahed and exclaimed over this with you in person, but HUZZAH! Hooray! And yes, I am procrastinating by reading your blog, as well. I love us.

    Happy Friday. Wishing you love :)