A Stack of Interesting Questions

The Boden catalog. Isn't it beautiful?
Hopefully I will never learn to: Intentionally hurt the people I love.
When I’m angry I: Yell or clench my teeth. Either way I'm just trying not to cry.
What’s under your bed? Currently nothing. I'm sleeping on a mattress.
What scares the pants off you? Raising Children
If I had to be anyone else I would be: Either a British aristocrat or my little sister
It takes real courage to: Own up to your mistakes
What’s your great unfinished project? There are so many, but currently it's this impossible dress I'm attempting to sew.
Yesterday I should have: Folded my laundry (now it's all wrinkly).
What’s in your picnic basket? Tons of fruit and buttered baguettes.
I’ve always wondered why: Atlantis isn't an actual place I can visit . . . or is it?

I'll admit this is slightly junior high, but I've always loved the rather interesting questions in the Boden catalog and recently sat down to answer them myself. You should try it, too.

p.s. Yes, he's back. Yes, Arizona was wonderful. Yes, it was ridiculously hot. But, oh my word have you ever seen the sky over there? Life is just good. Call for more details.

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