Beeeautiful Books

I honestly think one of my most favorite things EVER is buying books. I love the smooth feel and beautiful designs of the covers, the little huff of air that touches your face when you thumb through the pages, and the way all the words look on each page, crammed in tight rows. Is it hard to believe I'm an English major? Today I went to the bookstore to buy two novels for my adolescent literature class. I bought them used because I seriously can't afford to be spending any extra money, and I was laughing at myself as I looked at every single copy in the huge stack to make sure I had the best one. Then when I got home I carefully peeled the used sticker off each book and spent at least ten minutes getting every last bit of that annoying sticky gunk off the covers. It's not that I don't like used books, in hardcovers especially, I think they have great character. But there's just something about that crisp new paperback with no wrinkles or stains. And yes I know I'm crazy.

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