Pensieri d'Italia

The things I love most about Italy:
  1. the air- hot, moist, sweet, ancient
  2. the kids- crazy but come carine no? cutest kids on earth!
  3. the fruit- sweet apricots, juicy white peaches, tangy pineapple, as much as I wanted, every single day
  4. the streets- cobblestones, broken pavement, age-blackened walls stretching up on both sides
  5. the city- buildings in warm earthy colors tumbling on the hills, the ancient tower by the ocean, the tiny shops, the sidewalk cafés, the parks overflowing with chattering children
  6. the beach- the long white boardwalk that stretches all the way to the next city, the hundreds of perfectly-spaced colored parasols on the sand, the warm salty water
  7. the view from my bedroom balcony- especially in the mornings, the air misty from the ocean, the colors of the city glowing golden with the sunrise
  8. the cathedral bells- waking me up in the morning and ringing out the hours all day
  9. the food- creamy, or tomato-y, or pesto-y sauces poured over every size and shape of pasta you can imagine, firm and fresh tomatoes the deepest red you have ever seen, and pastries and gelato of every type. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  10. the language- rapid, rich, smooth, and staccato, it's the most beautiful language on earth
Ritornerò bella Italia!

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