Oh My Good Night Mary Jane!!

My best friend in high school used to say "Oh my good night mary jane" all the time. she got it from her aunt Mel (who looks amazingly like Reese Witherspoon) and it's just one of those phrases that stuck. Lately, I've been getting in trouble with A., who just turned 5, for saying "potty words." "Oh my gosh", "crap", and "freakin'" are completely prohibited. "Oh my heck" slides by about half the time. "Stupid", and "butt" are excusable in specific contexts, and only if she's in a good mood. Because of the restrictions on my "cursing" I've had to really get creative. When I drop the peanut butter jar I now say "Drat!" Expressing my utmost fascination and disbelief after one of A.'s lengthy stories. . . "Holy Hannah Montana." I hit my shin for the fourth time in a single day and it's "Dag NAB it!" That incredibly annoying kid with the high voice on nickelodeon comes on in the living room and I say "What in the sweet world??" Another good one is just "Curse words!" I stole that one from Fantastic Mr. Fox. You should probably try out some creative cursing yourself. It's pretty great.

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