Home is where the heart is

Had the loveliest weekend ever. Explored temple square, baked cupcakes for my brother's after school snack, and did C.'s hair for her first date ever: prom! I also watched four episodes of gilmore girls with C., went shopping with my mom, made my third skirt (seersucker with lace on the pockets), started working on a chambray dress with ruffles, and read part of The Famished Road, this amazing book we're reading in my postcolonial lit class.
I love home.


  1. I adore this. You and Cass are seriously the cutest. I wish my dang sisters would let me take pictures!

  2. kim! AMAZING hair. want to do mine for the wedding? hahaha. and since when do you seriously sew? can you please teach me? please please? I miss you!