Pushing Daisies and Pie

Remember these two?

Yes, Ned and Chuck. Pushing Daisies perfection. Well. . . as mentioned in a previous post about S.'s lovely Bieber-themed party, S. received both seasons for her birthday. Perfect excuse for a pie party, right? Last night the party finally arrived and we celebrated with all sorts of pie and a group of the best people. E. and I made the most beautiful apple pie (see the picture below), S. and C. made chicken pot pie, M. even made pizza pie. And then, on a trip for ice cream to Day's market (the cutest grocery store in Provo btw), E. and I ended up with not just the ice cream, but two more pies. Hooray! Can I just say that Pushing Daisies is even better than I remembered? I may also be entering a pie-baking phase because of this party.

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  1. Okay, so not only am I so glad that I can stalk you via blog now (and realize that I mean that in the least creepy way possible) but I am also so SO glad that you also love Pushing Daisies and that you had a Pushing Daisies pie party.

    PS, follow my blog! anniebeer.blogspot.com