Yesterday my friends and I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. Last year we volunteered all the time because one of my roommates helped start the chapter at our university, but this year our lives have been a little crazier than expected and so this was the first time we'd been in almost a year. It's sad because Habitat is seriously one of my most favorite things. Yesterday we painted, and granted, it was just some boring shade of glossy white, but it was still so much fun! In the past I've learned how to do drywall, and one time we even did roofing (which was by far my most favorite house-building activity). I love the whole atmosphere at Habitat. Everyone that volunteers is awesome and the guys that work for Habitat (the only ones that actually know what they are doing) are funny and helpful and just have great attitudes about life in general. I love the way service makes you feel, so warm and brimming over with genuine happiness. There is seriously nothing else on this earth that makes you feel like that! All of my friends have pledged to go more often now, and I'm really excited to get back into the swing of things. Because I must say that even though I've only been to a build once this year, I am definitely still converted to the cause.

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